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Generate useful splits sheets directly from your Lenex (.lxf, .lef) file that you used to sign up the athletes for a meet.

Screenshot of a split sheet

The split sheet creator is a quick and easy way to create a split sheet from your Lenex sign-up file. The split sheet creator does not send your Lenex file to any servers. The file is opened directly in your browser and never leaves your computer!

I built this web app using my lenex javascript library.

What is a split sheet?

Swim coaches often write down the times of athletes after some fractions of a race (splits). Usually those splits are recorded every lap or every second lap.

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Hi, my name is Tim Bachmann! I'm a master graduate in computer science at University of Basel, swimmer and swim coach.

I am passionate about all things web development, swimming, personal knowledge management and much more. If you liked this or any of my posts, feel free to follow me.

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