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I blogged about creating a comment system for my website a while ago, and later how I implemented webmentions into that same project. Since then this little go program has grown quite a bit, and it has turned into a modular platform that supports quite a few technologies:

  • The basic commenting system
  • Sending and receiving webmentions
  • Micropub server implementation
  • IndieAuth (decentralized authentication standard based on OAuth)
  • Admin dashboard
  • Admin backup endpoint

Currently I am working on supporting AcitvityPub, so people can follow my blog through the fediverse, and comments through the fediverse show up back on my website.

The architecture of the application is inspired by the Caddy webserver, where every feature is implemented as a plugin, and the core of the application is only concerned with initializing those plugins.

If you have any questions, or want to run IndieGo yourself, don't hesitate to contact me.

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Hi, my name is Tim Bachmann! I'm a master graduate in computer science at University of Basel, swimmer and swim coach.

I am passionate about all things web development, swimming, personal knowledge management and much more. If you liked this or any of my posts, feel free to follow me.

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  • starrwulfe

    2023-11-12 4:16:35 PM

    Mentioned this post

    At some point yesterday, my WordPress instance (thus the place where the thing you’re reading right now came from) ran out of memory. 🤔 I suspect it’s because I’m asking it to do too much: Basic Blog stuff Webmention/Indieweb/Microformats stuff...

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