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Its funny how preferences vary. I reserve email for things that require my attention, and news/blog articles definitely don't fall unter that. I even use the service kill-the-newsletter.com to convert the newsletters I want to read into RSS feeds. The syncing aspect is however a good point. I really wish I could sync the thunderbird newsfeed over multiple devices and on mobile.

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Hi, my name is Tim Bachmann! I'm a master graduate in computer science at University of Basel, swimmer and swim coach.

I am passionate about all things web development, swimming, personal knowledge management and much more. If you liked this or any of my posts, feel free to follow me.

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  • I definitely get that email-based feed reading is not for everyone, but I don't think we are that different here. My inbox is indeed reserved for "for things that require my attention". That is why only a very small number of feeds go to my inbox (like WebMention replies to my posts). The vast majority of feeds go into dedicated folders with no notifications. So in a way these folders are my feed reader. The only relation that they have to my "normal email workflow" is that the exist in the same app. When I say I get my feeds via email lots of people immediately picture having feeds show up in their regular email workflow and are (rightfully) mortified. I think this approach would work well for almost no one. I think it is very important to have separation by priority much like Thunderbird has a separate news feed rather than dumping the feeds into your inbox. The difference here is that the separation is different folders in the same IMAP account rather than a distinct news account.

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